Meet the Pastor

It has been announced that Pastor Philip Bentley
will begin his ordained ministry at Greenock Parish. 
The Parish Installation Service for Pastor Philip Bentley
is proposed for 2.00pm, Sunday 28th February, 2021,
at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Greenock.

Originally from Nottingham, England, Dr Philip Bentley
spent 20 years as a design and technology teacher.
After coming to Australia 20 years ago,
he became a licensed lay minister
with the Anglican Church of Australia
in Far North Queensland.
After moving to Mount Isa, he and wife Narelle
joined St Paul’s Lutheran Church.
He spent three and a half years as an assistant to
Pastor Lauri Iso-Aho and was licensed
for Word and Sacrament Ministry.
Initially attending ALC in 2016, Pastor Philip
returned for further pastoral ministry studies
and will begin his ordained ministry at
Greenock Parish in South Australia.

LCA/NZ welcomes new pastors